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P6 Residential

Hi I am Beth and I am here to tell you about the Victorian residential in Cumbria. I went with all the P6s all 38 of them ooof that's a few isn't it, so here I go....It was amazing fun (through hard to sleep I must admit) the dressing up was my favourite bit, on the first night I was a servant and the second I was a posh person or gentry.  

But that wasn't all I did because we also somehow managed to make felt, go into the mines, go on a massive 2 hour hike up on Kitten Bells which is a mini mountain and is quite small compared to some of the big ones though quite big because some of us have never hiked that much ever and finally on the last day we spent a whole morning in Keswick going in a museum and learning some amazing history. I loved comparing the old to the new places like Greggs in the olden days which was interesting. I would highly recommend this and would DEFINITELY like to go again!

Beth Baikie P6

The next day we had to be up at 7am. Ivanna Grierson said 'I hated getting up at 7am too early for me!' Rhianna Notman said 'I am not happy to get up at 7am!' So I think not a lot of people were happy of an early morning. After breakfast I went to a mine we found out a lot. Then I did felt making that was fun.

The last day we went to the town and went to a museum. Then we went home.

Emily Hume P6