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Term 3

Purple Torch Video

Thank you to all who participated in the Purple Friday 2021 Pass the Torch Relay. Thank you also to Skerryvore for allowing us to use the fantastic new single 'You and I'. Enjoy!

Term 2

End of Term

On the last day of term two, Secondary pupils participated in a walk around Moffat with Mr Scott, movies, a bake-off, bingo and a quiz. We also presented a thank you hamper and card to Mrs Macfarlane for her time as acting Head Teacher with us.

Thank you to the PE department for arranging the walk, Mrs Chambers for compering the bingo, Lucy Jefford, Ava Hume and Helena Montgomerie for the bake-off and the seniors for running the quiz. Despite the challenges that Covid-19 continues to pose, the pupils rallied round to lead a wonderful day of activities in a safe yet sociable manner. 

RHET Dumfries & Galloway Countryside Competition

RHET Dumfries & Galloway Countryside Initiative hosted a competition to make a Christmas decoration predominantly from wool. Several pupils from the S1 SAMSON classes entered, as an interdisciplinary task, investigating mathematical nets, symmetry and 3D structures, as well as the origins and uses of the material wool. We are delighted that two pupils have been recognised for their efforts!

Winner - Eleanor D

Runner up - Viki K

Logan Thomson - Platinum Reader

Congratulations to Logan Thomson in S2Q for achieving the honour of being the first person to complete the 'Platinum' level in our Reading Scheme for S1 and S2 pupils and therefore completing the entire programme. We have been running the current model in Secondary for four years and it continues to provide a quiet period each week for pupils to improve their reading and literacy skills. Pupils can progress through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. Logan lives on a farm outside Moffat and often helps with the cattle and sheep. He enjoys reading at home, playing football and cricket with his brothers who are also keen readers. Logan's favourite authors are Derek Landy and Joseph Delaney and he loves adventure books. He is not sure what he wants to do after school yet, but we are sure he will go far with all his literacy skills! Logan is pictured receiving his certificate from Mr MacBeath, Moffat Academy's Head of Literacy and Principal Teacher of Languages, Expressive Arts and P.E.

Borneo Tree Planting at Corehead

On Friday 27th November our 2021 Borneo expedition team went to Corehead for a day of tree planting. The team worked hard over the course of the day and managed to plant approximately 800 trees! An excellent day was had by all and it was wonderful to give something back to our community for generations to come. Our team of young people are enthused about their response to the world in which we live and this kind of work will mimic some of what they will undertake in Borneo. Their work on Friday, and other local projects to come, will also go some way to offsetting their carbon footprint. A huge thank you to all involved, but particularly to Woodland Trust for the 420 trees donated, and to Adrian, Andy and Anna from Borders Forest Trust for their time, patience and expertise on the day. Borders Forest Trust also kindly added trees into the planting mix to increase the total number planted by our young people.

Thank you to S5 pupil Brandon Smith for his drone footage below.

Thank you to Brandon Smith S5 for this fantastic drone footage of the planting.

Mental Health Talk with Amy Irons

As part of our S4-6 PSE provision we were very lucky to have Amy Irons speak to us about Mental Health. Amy is a presenter on BBC Scotland and a former pupil from Dumfries and Galloway. The input was organised in response to a need identified by our Young People, and the want for a face-to-face presenter. The Health and Wellbeing our of Young People is of the highest priority and Amy's personal story struck a chord with many of our Young People. Amy's presentation was greatly received and highlighted the importance of talking to someone when you feel things are becoming overwhelming. It is hoped we can welcome Amy back to Moffat again in the future and we thank her very much for giving her time to us. 

Equalities Group- New Pupil Led Lessons

The S6 Equalities Group are preparing a number of inputs on a range of topics for other pupils. These inputs will take place in the coming months. The Equalities Group have identified a range of themes and issues that they feel are vitally important in terms of promoting equality, diversity and understanding. Working alongside the Pupil Council, they hope that their inputs will continue to promote a positive, inclusive ethos around the school and wider community. 

Cell Models

S1 made some fantastic cell models recently using materials found at home. Congratulations to Riley Dutton who won a prize for the most accurate and well-made model.


Our Mentors in Violence Prevention were visiting S1 pupils on Tuesday 27th October (in photo) and other year groups throughout term 2.

MVP is a national approach to gender violence and bullying prevention. The project is designed to train students to speak out against bullying and all forms of violent and abusive behaviour. MVP focuses on an innovative 'bystander' approach that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate.

Maths Challenge

The Senior Mathematical Challenge is a 90-minute, multiple-choice competition aimed at S5 and S6 students across the UK. It encourages mathematical reasoning, precision of thought, and fluency in using basic mathematical techniques to solve interesting problems. Congratulations to Finlay Dowds and Liam Wilson who were awarded Silver and Bronze certificates, respectfully.  This is a huge achievement for two of our most gifted mathematicians! An example of a question from this year's challenge is below:

Six friends Pat, Qasim, Roman, Sam, Tara and Uma, stand in line for a photograph.  There are three people standing between Pat and Qasim, two between Qasim and Roman and one between Roman and Sam.  Sam is not at either end of the line.How many people are standing between Tara and Uma?

A  4 

B  3

C  2

D  1

E  0



**The answer is C2**

Term 1

Speaking Competition

Congratulations to Elliott Hepburn and Cairn Graham for getting to the national semi-finals of the COPFS public speaking competition. The boys won their heat and the regional final in Dumfries but unfortunately the competition was cancelled due the Covid-19 pandemic. However, they are a credit to both themselves and Moffat Academy and hopefully they will get a chance to showcase their oratorical talents in the future.

Numeracy Ninjas

Congratulations to two S1 pupils who achieved Black Belts in Numeracy Ninjas.  Each week, students complete a 5 minute skills test which includes: 10 questions on mental numeracy calculation strategies, 10 timestables questions and 10 questions on key topics.  Their score out of 30 corresponds to a particular colour Ninja Belt.

Only a Ninja Score of 30 will earn students the coveted Black Ninja Belt!

This is a fantastic achievement for Nicholas Quigley and Francesca Capriglione.  Now they will try to maintain this standard and complete the task in under 5 minutes.

Pupil Council Reps

Our Secondary Pupil Council Representatives 2020/21

1H Gemma Todd 1Q Maggie Kershaw

2H Korben Lamont 2Q Tanya Clark

3H Karmen Hall 3Q Morgan Todd

4H Herbie Chaudhry 4Q Elliott Hepburn

5H Lucy Jefford 5Q Lochy Jackson

Senior Leadership Team: Jen Armstrong, Esme Moores-Poole, Liam Wilson and Rory Wilson

The Pupil Council aim to create a survey to share amongst pupils.

House Captain and Sports Prefects

Our 2020/21 Secondary Sports Captain David Johnson (middle) pictured with our Sports Prefects Aodhan O'Neil, Torin Haley, Harrison Cosens and Abbie Haley, Jack Smith not in photo.

Library Reader Certificates

Well done to Reading Programme achievers so far this year.


MVP (Mentors in Violence Prevention) is a national approach to gender violence and bullying prevention. The project is designed to train students to speak out against bullying and all forms of violent and abusive behaviour. MVP focuses on an innovative 'bystander' approach that empowers each student to take an active role in promoting a positive school climate.

Senior Day Out

S6s work hard at Moffat Academy, both in and out of the classroom, and on a lovely autumnal Friday afternoon, 31 final year pupils had a fabulous time clambering up the Grey Mare's Tail. The views were spectacular, the weather beautiful and the pizza and pasta from Claudio's restaurant, once the walk was over, delicious. 

STEM Assembly by two of our senior pupils Esme and Helena.

British Science Week

Next week it's British Science Week! Head Boy Liam Wilson shares some more information.

STEM assemblies - STEM Prefects will be delivering assemblies to S1-S5 classes next week at usual assembly times! 

Activity packs - download your activity pack from the British Science Week website (attached) and send in photos and videos of your experiments and activities to Mr Williamson by Friday 12th March via the email: 

Download your activity pack: 

Poster competition - for more details, including how to submit, visit:  

We hope you enjoy British Science Week this year, and we look forward to seeing your photos and videos!  

Thank you. 

Children's Mental Health Week

We're proud to be supporting @Place2Be's #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek (1-7 February). Join us and help to shine a light on the importance of children and young people's #mentalhealth. Find out more and download your free resources today:

Over the course of this week, we will share some of the resources with pupils to help them reflect on this area of priority. 

Wednesday 3rd February

As part of Childrens Mental Health Week we have our first special message for everyone from Pupil Support. Fitting with the theme of 'Express Yourself' Rhuvaal, a successful young Scottish band, share some top advice for our Young People. Enjoy. ??

Hope Blamire

Continuing the theme of 'Express Yourself' today we are very grateful to artist Hope Blamire for discussing with us her passion for art and the great outdoors. Hope has some wonderful advice about taking note of what is around us. Her paintings capture the beauty of Scotland's West Coast and she is an inspiration to many. Thank you so much Hope.

Thursday 4th February

CAMHS Express Yourself Activity Pack

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, art pupils were asked if they would like to participate in an activity by CAMHS. Here are their fantastic 'Express Yourself' designs.

Please click the link below for the full leaflet with info if you would like to take part too.

File icon: pdf CAMHS Creative Art Resource [pdf 923KB] Click to download