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Parent Council Newsletter January 2020


As the new calendar year kicks off your Parent Council once again welcomes all new and existing parents &  guardians to join us at meetings, in policy conversations and with organising and attending social and fundraising activities.  We rely on you the parents and guardians, teachers and pupils for input into how we can best represent the parent forum in policy conversations and how to maximise fundraising on behalf of all pupils.



The current climate of budget cuts is placing all school finances under intense pressure and Moffat Academy is no exception. Regular and important school initiatives and activities such as Health Week are now at risk of not going ahead. It is for this reason that your Parent Council works so hard to raise extra funds via a range of different fund raising activities, all of which we try to publicise in advance via the Parent Council Facebook page, the school notice board and this newsletter. However, we are currently low in numbers and urgently need more volunteers. We would welcome your input in any form, from liking our Facebook page and commenting on our posts to helping out with an hour of your time at coffee mornings, bag packs or at in-school events. 


Last term’s activities raised £1,021.60 with special thanks going to Hugo’s for hosting the Christmas Night Out and to Roselyn Lindsay and her helpers for the fantastic class calendars.  Raising over £1000 was a great result and is a huge credit to the efforts of the various organisers and of course the generosity of our supporters.  We are currently finalising our timetable of fundraising events for the rest of the school year. Please see below for the imminent dates for this school term.


Policy Matters


Learning & Education Transformation Programme

The D&G Council Learning & Education Directorate budget is expected to reduce by between 10 and 15% over the next three years.  D&G Council are currently undertaking a review to identify where significant reductions can be made in in this budget.  Some of the key areas being considered across Dumfries and Galloway include reducing the number of schools, amending catchment areas and increasing the use of digital technology to deliver learning.  This budget reduction could have a serious impact on the way the staff at Moffat Academy are able to deliver our       children’s learning experiences.  Councillors are being asked to consider the detailed Business Cases for Officer Budget Options and consultation feedback and to use this information to prepare a balanced budget for 2020/21.  More details are available at  

Dates for Your Diary 

Thursday 13th Feb 6-7pm: Evening Parent Council Meeting at the Buccleuch Arms Hotel, Moffat.

This is an evening meeting so that we can include parents with daytime commitments.  Children are also

welcome to attend.


Wednesday 11th Feb 9-10am: Parent Council Meeting, Moffat Academy Staff Room.

Saturday 14th March 10.30am-12.30pm: Coffee Morning, Moffat Town Hall.  All parents, children and the

community are warmly invited to attend.  As with last year we are hoping to have a large number of tables with an array of wonderful items as well as a raffle with generous hampers and other prizes.  All donations for hampers and items for re-sale gratefully received, posters will be going up around school and on FBK soon!


Thursday 2nd April 6-8pm: Beetle Drive, Moffat Academy Hall. 


Getting in Touch 

Please email us ( or leave a note in the suggestions box by the school office if you can help in any way at all, even if just to give us your email address so that we can contact you when we are in need of support or input for different events.  Please also like our Facebook page (Moffat Academy Parent Council) and respond to our posts about fundraising and other activities.  We really need and welcome your ideas and input.