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'Daydreams' by Maggie Kershaw P4/5

Miss McDonald thinks I'm reading,


I'm exploring jungles,

or brushing crocodiles' teeth.

Swinging with monkeys,

washing flamingos,

fighting lions and tigers, and jet skiing.

Wrestling international wrestlers and driving giant boats.

Miss McDonald thinks I'm listening,

But no!

I'm flying the trapeze at the circus,

or fishing with a shark.

Sleeping upside down with a bat,

and going shopping with a snake.

Swimming with sea horses,

and playing with baby wallabies.

Playing drums with gorillas,

and singing songs with pandas.


Miss McDonald thinks I'm doing my poem,


I'm jumping on a trampoline,

with kangaroos or,

chasing after ducks.

I'm bungee jumping off cliffs

and taking my dog for a groom.

I'm having a bath with five hippos,

and flying a plane to Australia.

I'm being thrown off a cliff,

by an angry giant...

I wake up and I'm all wet,

I've tipped my water bottle over!