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Writing in Scots by Hannah Salmon

Ma dug's ca'd Fudge an she like tae ramie in the gairden. When she gaes oot walkin she ayewis rins aboot an sniffs aroon. Ma auntie's dug bit ma dug on the lug when we were oot walkin aince. It looked sair. An afore that anither dug alang the road frae us bit ma dug on the ned. She luvs tae eat her tea. She gobbles it a up into her gab an she ayewis tries tae get oor food. She luvs jumpin up on ma bed an lickin ma face a o'r. It is disgusting.

When a tak her oot fur a walk sometimes she barks at ither dugs an pulls on the lead. It is sae annoying. She dauners aroon the hoose mostly an never lies doon. She sleeps in her crate at night. We pit a soft bed inside a crate tae keep her warm.

Ma dug's age is ain year old an on her first birthday, we took her a nice dauner up a forest. We had never been afore sae it was an adventure fur us. Ma dug ayewis jumps up at people when she sees them because she is excited.