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Primary 6 Residential

Primary 6 pupils had a fantastic time at their Victorian themed trip to Cumbria. Below are two of the letters that pupils wrote to ‘Cumbria Outdoors’ to say thank you.

Dear Ian

I really enjoyed going in the mine. I liked the smooth rock that the Germans made—I wouldn’t have had the patience to do that! I would just be like the Victorians and make the hole with the metal pole then put the explosive stuff in it and then I would run.

The first evening I was a servant, I enjoyed putting the food out for the gentry. I didn’t like the soup that we had so I only had three bits of bread and then the dessert that we had to hide from Mr Eccles!

I also liked being gentry because I liked the food, also because I was Mrs Jennens. The starter I didn’t like because it didn’t taste very nice to me. It was maybe nice to other people.

The main course was Christmas dinner. I had the turkey and mash potato, I didn’t have anything else and finally the dessert! I really liked the dessert; I think that was the only food I actually wanted more of (and the dessert the night before).

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely

Skye Beveridge P6/7