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Moffat Academy Eco-Schools

Moffat Academy has two Eco-Groups within the school - one each in Primary and Secondary.  Below is some information about the two groups:-

Primary Eco-Schools Group

Our members are:

P1- Georgia and Freddie

P2 - Sophie and Fraser

P2/3Amy and Lauren

P3 – Wilfie and Ivanna

P4 – Bethany and 

P4/5Morgan and Callum

P5 – Matt and Skye

P6 – Harvey

P6/7 - Dylan and Jessica

P7 – George, Connor and Kenan

Secondary Eco-Schools Groups

Our Members:-

The members of the Secondary Eco-Group are as follows:


We are assisted by the following staff/advisors:-

Mr Reid; Miss Allen and Mr Ballance

Our Aim:-

Our aim is to reduce the school's electricity consumption over the next year.  We will do this by turning off computers after school, closing windows and using the heating system conservatively.  We will measure our success by comparing electricity bills at the start and end of the year.  This information can also be found on our Notice Board.