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Your suggestions and how we are making a difference.

You asked for more playground equipment so we wrote letters to Mrs Watson, Amey and our parent council asking for the opportunity to have more facilities in our playground. We are now in the process of ordering new toys and games for outdoors and Amey are renewing our goals and football pitch for the summer.

Vegetarian Meals

You asked for a better variety of vegetarian meals for lunch in our school cafeteria. We did a survey to find out how many vegetarians we had in our school and their favourite meals. We have scheduled a meeting to share our findings with the School Cook.

More paper towels instead of hand dryers.

We have reported your wish to Mrs Little who will share our wish for paper towels with Amey. Just now we must prove that we will be responsible in the toilets and be eco friendly with the paper towels in our classrooms.

Seats in the dinner hall

You asked for more space in the dinner hall because it was becoming a squish! We shared your concerns with Mrs Macfarlane and now we have a more staggered dinner time for more space. Luckily the sunny days are coming too so we can use the outdoor picnic tables too.