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Our Achievements


Michael & Finlay Walton

For giving up time at weekends to help fundraise by backpacking and having a table top sale. Money raised went to VICTA - a charity for Visually Impaired Children Teens and Young Adults.


Olivia Macaskill (P6) 

Achieved Swim Skills Level 3 and awarded the National Standard Silver Certificate for swimming.

Week Ending 21.06.19

Katie Musgrave-Wood P2/3 - Received a medal and ceritificate for completing the 30 mile Race at your Pace Challenge.

Finlay McNay P6 - Won a silver medal for high jump at an Athletics Competition in Dumbreis. Also took part in the 1500 metres.

Week Ending 14.6.19

Vincent Wardhaugh P3/4 - Vincent won the Mini REd Parent & Child Tennis Tournament playing with his dad.

Murray Green P3/4, Rory Alston P3/4 - Both took part in the Annual Heston Football Tournament with the Upper Annanadale Football Team.

Chloe Quigley P4/5 - Won a Gold medal in a Karate Competition in Penrith.

Week Ending 17.05.19

Nicholas Quigley P6 - Was awarded a Bronze Award at Meadowbank Karate Open on Sunday 5 May 2019.

Elouise Graham P2/3 - Participated in a sponsored walk for the Brownies - walked 6 miles around Lochmaben Loch.

Week Ending 10.05.19

Chloe Quigley P4/5 - Was awarded a Gold Medal at the Wishaw Grand Prix Karate and a Bronze Medal at WKC Karate Competition.

Week Ending 03.05.19

Jack Daly P2/3 - Won two medals for Rugby.

Robyn Daly P5 - Was awarded two swimming certificates for:- swimming 50 metres and for swimming improvement.

Harris Alston P1 - Was awarded a tennis certificate and 2 rugby medals.

Sophie McGregor P1/2 - Was awarded Top Trainer of the month at Moffat Rams Rugby Club (Micro group)

Rosie Wallace P1/2, Flynn Dempsey P1/2,  Jack Daly P2/3, Charlie Barker P1,  Rory Alston P3/4,  Ollie Leighfield P1 -

Received medals after taking part in the Stewartry Sharks Rugby Tournament

Neil Porteous P1/2,  Aubrey Wardhaugh P1/2,  Thomas Brown P1/2 - Received certificates for performing in the mini opera “Death of Hook” at the Old Well Theatre.

Rory Alston P3/4 - Was awarded Top Trainer of the month at Moffat Rams Rugby Club (older group)

Week Ending 26.04.19

Korey Stephenson P7 - Will be representing Dumfries and Galloway playing football in Glasgow.

Eilidh & Liesl Cable P7 & P5 - Completed the West Highland Way, walking 96 miles.

Giuliana Capriglione P2/3 - Was awarded the Disability Awareness Badge in Brownies.

Week Ending 05.04.19

Millie Armstrong P3/4 - Got her 10m swimming award.

Vincent Wardhaugh P3/4 and Aubrey Wardhaugh  P1/2 - Performed with Moffat Children’s Choir in the world premier of The Death of Hook at the Old Well Theatre.

David Smith P6/7 - Won silver at pairs Karate in Kirkcudbright.

Primary Cross Country Relay at Lochmaben:-


Finlay Walton - 2nd place


P6 Boys Team - 1st place

Finlay Walton - 2nd place

Nicholas Quigley - 4th place

Harry Graham - 9th place


P6 girls team - 3rd place

Gemma Todd - 8th place

Maggie Kershaw - 14th place

Rhianna Notman - 20th place

Week Ending 22.03.19

Daniel Palmer—P6

Performed two (Grade 2) piano pieces at Dumfries Music Festival and was awarded a Merit grade.

Wilfie Porteous—P6/7

Performed at the Dumfries Music Festival and was placed.

Harry Graham—P6

Performed Piano at the Dumfries Music Festival - Grade 1 - Second Place

Elsie Dickinson—P1

Moved up a swimming level at Annan Swimming Pool

Week Ending 15.03.19

Gymnastics Team

Came 1st in the Scottish Schools Level 4 Event

Ivanna Davis-Grierson came 1st overall, vault and floor

Archie Brown—P2/3

Won the shield for the Under 8’s Tennis Competition

Poppy Johnstone—P1

Gained a Brownie badge

Moved up a class at Ballet

Frida Rae—P2/3

Frida achieved her Swim Skills 2 Award.

Chloe Quigley—P4/5

Won Gold at the Scottish Grand Prix and Silver at the Yamakai     Karate Competition.

Won Silver at the East Whitburn Karate Competition

Nicholas Quigley—P6

Won Gold at the Yamakai Karate Competition.

P6/7 Moffat Rams Team

Played during half time at Scotstoun

Liesl Cable P5

Came 2nd in the P5 age group at the Super 4s Cross Country Event

Week Ending 08.03.19

Chloe Quigley—P4/5

Won a silver medal at East Whitburn Karate Competition

Week Ending 01.03.19

Frida Rae—P2/3

Frida achieved her Swim Skills 2 Award.

Chloe Quigley—P4/5

Won Gold at the Scottish Grand Prix and Silver at the Yamakai     Karate Competition.

Nicholas Quigley—P6

Won Gold at the Yamakai Karate Competition.

Week Ending 15.02.19

Chloe Quigley - P4/5

Won Gold at the Meadowbank Karate Open at Linlithgow on Sunday.

Kyle Smith - P6

Competed in the Annandale & Eskdale Primary Badminton

Competition.  He came 2nd in the P6 boys group and has qualified to go to the regional finals in Dumfries at the end of March.

Week Ending 8/02/19

Ryan Wilson, P6 - took part in the Dumfriesshire Federation Junior Short Mat Bowling on Sunday 3 February in conjuction with the schools bowling club.


Week Ending 25/01/19

Vincent Wardhaugh P4

Aubrey Wardhaugh P1/2

Both moved up to Swim Skills Level 2 at Swimming Lessons at Coalburn Swimming Pool.


Week Ending 9/11/18

Oran Candlish (Nursery) - Raised £530 for Children in Need, Countryfile Ramble by climbing Skreel '18

Eleanor Dowson (p6/7)   - Community Project '18

Week Ending 1/11/18

Michael Walton (P3) - I ran in the Great Scottish Family mile 2018

Finlay Walton (P6) - I ran in the Great Scottish Family mile, I was 26th over all in a 1 1/2 mile race. Time 11m 35 sec 2018

Kathyn Wilson (P5) - Gained Bronze Medal at Annandale & Eskdale Gymnastic Competition 2018.

Week Ending 27/9/18

Fred Brown (p4) - Came 2nd place in the Peebles contact Rugby Competition 2018

Week Ending 14/9/18

Collette Lindsay (P3) - Can swim for 10m now 2018

Neil Porteous (P2) - Did his first performance with the Moffat Children's and Community Choir at the Dowding Memorial Service 2018

Neave Beveridge (P4) - Took part in the Dumfries Y Gymnastics Club Competition - won 3 silver medals. Came 2nd on Vault, Floor, 2nd Overall in section 2018.

Murray Green (P4) - Passed Swim Skills Level 1. Came 2nd with his Rugby Team in the Peebles Tournament 2018.

Week Ending 31/8/18

Isla Thorburn (P4) - Received a Blue Peter Badge for art work on Red Arrows 2018

Kathryn Wilson (P5 ) - Winner of the under 8 Moffat Gala Road Race 2018

- Runner up in Moffat Gala Under 8 Tennis Championships and 5th place medal in D&G Red to Yellow Tournament 2018.

Zena Hodgeson (P7B) - Volunteers at Mossburn Animal Centre - giving tours to Visitors and raising money for the charity 2018.