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Wider Achievement

Why Recognise Achievement?

Recognising achievement is an intergral part of Curriculum for Excellence.  Wider achievement builds skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work and benefits all children and young people.

The reasons for recognising learners' achievements include:

  • to increase self-esteem, improve motivation and keep young people engaged in their learning.
  • to encourage young people to reflect on their learning.
  • to help deliver the aims, values and purposes of Curriculum for Excellence - which recognise that achievement is a part of life long learning

Achievement beyond formally assessed learning in the classroom can take a range of forms, some people will develop skills and capabilities through achievements in the school, home or wider community or through being placed in positions of responsibility, for example - gradings in Martial arts, winning a medal, taking part in a community initiative, gaining a new badge at Brownies/Cubs.

How to let us know about a wider achievement:

Please fill in a Wider Achievement Form (available in the school foyer, or, bulletin) and post in the box (located in the foyer), so it can be added to the wall and website.

If your child has been awarded a certificate or medal for anything they do outside school then please send it in with them to our Friday Assembly, where we will share their achievement with the whole school.