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Head Boy and Head Girl

The Head Boy for the 2020/21 session is Liam Wilson and the Head Girl is Jen Armstrong.

Their deputes are Rory Wilson and Esme Moores-Poole.

Secondary House Captain and Sports Prefects

Our 2020/21 Secondary Sports Captain David Johnson (middle) pictured with our Sports Prefects Aodhan O'Neil, Torin Haley, Harrison Cosens and Abbie Haley. Jack Smith not in photo.

Primary House Captains

McAdam House Captains

Isla Weatherstone and James Wilson

McAdam Vice-Captains

Archie Dowson, Jessica Salmon and David Lockhart

Dowding Captains

Kathryn Wilson and Harry Brown

Dowding Vice-Captains

Lauren Gourlay and Reilly Jack

Secondary Pupil Council Representatives 2020/21

Our Secondary Pupil Council Representatives 2020/21

1H Gemma Todd

1Q Maggie Kershaw

2H Korben Lamont (not in photo)

2Q Tanya Clark

3H Karmen Hall

3Q Morgan Todd

4H Herbie Chaudhry

4Q Elliott Hepburn

5H Lucy Jefford (not in photo)

5Q Lochy Jackson

Senior Leadership Team: Jen Armstrong, Esme Moores-Poole, Liam Wilson and Rory Wilson