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Moffat Academy Cadets deliver a ‘Covid Christmas’


This year the cadets at Moffat Academy took part in a Covid Christmas project. During the normal cadet programme the group would normally link some of their activities through the year with Dowding House in Moffat, This would take the shape of getting to know all the residents by running coffee mornings, quiz evenings and social events including interviews about the residents life experiences.

Dowding house is a sheltered development owned by the Royal Airforce Association and is exclusive for ex-service personnel, and as such along with its proximity to the school give the cadets the perfect opportunity to befriend the home.

The Covid Christmas project consisted of two groups of cadets each focusing on areas suited to their skills. The topic that lasted for 6 weeks involved one team working on a photographic calendar and the other on a quiz book with service-based activities. These when finished were packaged into a box along with refreshment pack and sweet treats., also added to the box was a personally written message from a cadet to each of the residents in the form of a Christmas card.

Major Stuart Gray – Linked detachment instructor at Moffat Academy, also presented the residents with an engraved army cadet force regimental plaque. “We see our link to Dowding House as an excellent reminder to the commitment and service of past and present members of our armed forces.”

These are some of the quotes from our cadets when reviewing the project

“It was great fun doing the photo shoots”,

“The project was fun but actually doing the quiz night with the residents would have been better”

“we were disappointed we couldn’t run the quiz night; this was our way of giving back to the community”

“hopefully, they will enjoy the contents”

“I enjoyed giving to the people of Dowding House”

“wrapping presents was fun”

“love doing hard work to give back to the community”

“it was good looking up information for the quizzes”

The Moffat cadets also decided to send out several their calendars to dignitaries through out the UK to raise our profile.

Fiona Armstrong Lord Lieutenant for Dumfriesshire said ” Many thanks to the Moffat Academy cadets for the lovely present”

Schools cadet expansion officer for Scotland -Lieutenant colonel Middleton Said “ a kind and pleasing gesture that is a credit to the army cadet force”

Brigadier Stuart Williams Deputy commander for cadets at regional command said” your initiative to continue to provide support to all within Dowding house is a great idea and will have brought joy to every resident”

Lynda Halley Youth worker and assistant instructor with the cadet programe says this is another example of the skills and the community spirit that the cadets gain from taking part in the linked detachment activities.”

The linked detachment offers young people the chance to gain qualifications, employability skills, life experiences and a knowledge and understanding of the uniformed and emergency services whether it be police, fire and rescue, medical services along with the armed forces.