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Cadets Outing

On Friday 14th February the latest co-hort of cadets visited to the Army Reserve Centre in Dumfries for the first time. They were introduced to 'Skill at Arms' with their initial lessons on the CZ200 air rifle. The cadets were also visited by the Company Sergeant Major who gave a talk on mental well-being and the impact of Post-Traumatic Stress on people working in the emergency services and the armed forces. Also how to recognise stress in everyday life.

They were also given two talks by senior cadets. Regimental Sergeant  Major Dundar talked about her career in the Army Cadet Force and gave an inspirational talk about how much she has gained from her cadet    experience. Sergeant Leah Flett discussed how the ACF had developed her teaching style and had given her the inspiration for a future career in teaching.


First Drill with Major Stuart Gray

Grid Referencing