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Virtual Careers Library

Your virtual careers library

General Careers Information – a good starting point in your research

  • how to make career decisions, including personality assessments
  • what courses to choose, what careers are available, and how to get into them
  • how to find job vacancies; application and interview techniques.
  • CV builder template – just enter your personal details in a secure part of the website, and you get a smart layout and advice on content.

  • new organisation incorporating Careers Scotland, ILA Scotland, Learndirect, National Training Programmes (eg Modern Apprenticeships) which has useful links and general information.

  • Careerometer offers job suggestions based on your answers to questions about what you would like in a career. Details of all Scottish courses at college and university at all levels, linked to the career you want to work in.

  • information about apprenticeship training and useful hints about how to go about finding an apprenticeship (you usually need to find an employer who is willing to give you a job first)

  • includes interest guide to help you decide what courses may suit you.
  • See separate university section on Higher Education choices & careers.

  •  lots of useful general information for young people, with sections on education and training, jobs and careers.


For more specialised web pages please see below:


Administration and Business – Business and administration skills – Human Resources/Personnel  Career information in the areas of accounting, finance, marketing and management.

Animals, Plants – animal inspection work  - vet and vet nursing  - gardening / horticulture – agriculture / horticulture / gamekeeping – horses, farriery – Scottish Countryside Rangers Association – training and volunteering information

 Armed  Forces

Art & Design – may be helpful to see what jobs are available - info on careers in art, design, fashion, advertising and much more – industry insights to creative careers – Sector skills covering design, literature, music, visual and performing arts

Building & Construction – construction careers and apprenticeships info – but check Careers Scotland website for Scottish entry qualifications – electrical apprenticeship training - professional construction careers  - Careers information for Architectural Technology – Information on plumbing apprenticeships

Buying, Selling and Related Work - Sector Skills Council for Retail  - Trading Standards Officer

Care Work – careers in social services – nursery nurse training – Sector skills information covering early years, social work and social care.

Catering, Hospitality & Tourism – promoting careers in catering, leisure and tourism - Institute of Travel & Tourism – Careers information for hospitality, leisure and travel and tourism industries.

Computing and IT – leaflets on careers in IT  - careers in IT and Telecoms

Education, Teaching & Training – details about entry requirements etc – useful case studies about jobs in local government as well as job vacancies eg for classroom assistants

Emergency Services - check ambulance details in career leaflet  – Prison Officer work – Careers and vacancy information for the British Transport Police – Civil Nuclear Constabulary careers and vacancy information

 Engineering & Manufacturing - great website on engineering careers and routes into them – Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering Institutions gives information on breadth of job roles in the Energy and Utility Sector – Sector Skills Council information on building services and engineering – Institute of Civil Engineers – Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Environmental Work and ‘Green’ Jobs  - Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment - sector skills council for Renewable Energy

Financial Work

 Accountant and Accounting Technician –

Actuary –

Banks & Building Societies – ;

Garage Services – good job descriptions of job roles in motor vehicle work – offers training at Skillseeker and Modern Apprentice level - online application for apprenticeships – apprenticeship training

Hairdressing & Beauty – national training organisation for hair and beauty

Health & Medical – info on a huge range of jobs in the health sector, and links to specialist and professional websites.

Languages – Institute of Linguists - interesting website showing the huge range of jobs where languages could be useful

Law & Politics - Law Society of Scotland – Faculty of Advocates – Sector information for courts, prisons, fire and rescue, forensic science, policing and legal services

 Libraries, Museums - Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals – info on careers and getting a job in museums/galleries

 Local Government  - Civil Service Jobs -  Local Authority vacancies in a range of areas - Comprehensive job guide to a range of local government areas

 Manufacturing – Sector Skills Council for Process Manufacturing Industries - Institute of Operations Management - Sector Skills Council for Science, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

Media, Marketing & Advertising - Sector Skills Council for Creative Media, including radio and TV - Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, information on career paths  - National Council for the Training of Journalists – Careers Advice section, and vacancy adverts for trainee journalists

Performing Arts sections on music, performing arts and dance – industry insights to creative careers - Info on courses, funding and careers in drama -  look at ‘policy advice/article/careers with music – general information’.  Incorporated Society of Musicians.  - music technology / sound recording

 Science & Maths  – careers in maths, science, technology with career case studies and a bright, cheerful layout - Institute of Physics - Royal Society of Chemistry - Life Science careers - job roles in Forensics – excellent website with case studies showing maths applications in many career areas  Sector Skills Council for bioscience, chemical, nuclear and oil and gas industries  Information on apprenticeship opportunities in the oil and gas industries

 Social Science and Psychology - British Psychological Society - careers in social research – British Sociological Association careers information

 Sport & Leisure – for information on jobs in the sports industry - general website with coaching qualification details – look at ‘special entry requirements’ for entry to PE Teaching - careers in sports science – Career and Job vacancy information for Outdoor Instructors

Transport & Logistics - Air Traffic Control website - very useful website covering all passenger transport – UKs largest merchant navy training agency – Merchant Navy Training Board  Information on becoming a helicopter pilot  Information and job vacancies for air cabin crew

The Institution of Civil Engineers Video Clips

We’ve got four new video clips on our YouTube channel from civil engineers who have done Modern Apprenticeships, Graduate Apprenticeships or both, talking about their journey and the difference an apprenticeship made to them:-

Gavin Smith - “Without apprenticeships, I would never have got to where I am today” - hear about Gavin’s journey through his Graduate Apprenticeship

Ross Tweedie - Ross was “a bit lost after school” and didn’t know which path to take. A Modern Apprenticeship let him see he was on the right path for his career as a civil engineer

Kirsty Smith - Kirsty has done both Modern & Graduate Apprenticeships and has loved being able to gain valuable work experience alongside her academic qualifications

Ross Meechan – Ross has found his Apprenticeship experiences invaluable throughout his career – hear how he has progressed from civil engineering apprentice to managing his own site