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Lily S5

Great news  for Lily (S5 Higher Biology student).....

Lily was successful in her application to the Science Summer School programme, ran by the Royal Zoological Society at Edinburgh Zoo.

Lily will be spending a week during the summer holidays studying the animals and will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in a range of fieldwork and veterinary techniques.

Hundreds of pupils across Scotland apply for this summer placement so it is a great achievement!


Post-Visit Report by Lily

During the summer holidays I took part in a free five-day science summer school course up at Edinburgh Zoo. I was in a group of 25 students from schools all across the country who were all interested in studying science. We were randomly assigned into groups and given an animal to study for our behavioural research, and then later on in the week also had to work on a poster board about an animal that we wanted to bring to the zoo. My group conducted a research project on the Gentoo penguins and their interaction with the waterfall in their enclosure. We spent time watching the penguins, took data and made graphs to conclude our information. Then for our conservation poster board, we had to pitch why we thought the Jaguar would make a good addition to the zoo. We designed an enclosure, gave some background information on the species and said why it would be great to have one at Edinburgh. On the Friday we had to give a presentation to all our friends and family on our research project, going over our interesting findings, how we recorded the data and our overall conclusion. This was the main goal for the week, however throughout the five days we did many other workshops and did a lot more than just working on our presentations. We were given a tour of the zoo, taught about how animals are acquired at the zoo, told about breeding programmes and made enrichment for our research animal. We also took part in a vet workshop where we learnt about X-rays, how to dissect a fish and also how to perform surgical sutures. Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience and something I would recommend to anyone thinking about a career in science, even if it’s not something animal related. It really solidified for me that zoology was definitely something I wanted to pursue. It is also something that looks great on a personal statement as I gained so many skills and learnt a lot about teamwork, presentations and behavioural research.