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Accessing Technologies

When you open any word document from SMHW you can get the computer to read it to you.  If you look in the ribbon along the top you will see a button called add ins, second from the left. If you click on this you will see a set of yellow icons below that. If you put the cursor before the words you want to hear then click on the yellow speech bubble (first from the left) the computer will start reading. To stop, click on the speech icon button with the cross through it. You can listen to just one word, a paragraph or complete pages.  

If you are using teams when you open the document look in the ribbon at the top and you will see an icon that looks like a light bulb with the word, search, beside it. If you type immersive reader into the box the computer will change the format. If you click on the play arrow it will read it to you.  

The emphasis isn't great in either but if you are stuck on how to pronounce words or with reading it may prove helpful.  

There is also a dictate button on the online version of word.  If you have a microphone you can click on the dictate button and if you speak into your microphone the computer will type what you say. It is not always 100% accurate so if you are using this, check your work as you may need to make some changes here and there.  

There is a free download for pupils who use coloured overlays.