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Prelim Exams - 8th - 18th January 2018

In the time you have left before you sit your exams it is important that you use your time wisely. Effective performance on the day is the culmination of all the preparation you have put in class and at home.


On exam day:

  • leave your bag  in your locker
  • arrive in good time — about 10 minutes before the exam starts
  • take the right equipment — black or blue ink pens, HB pencils, etc
  • check you have been given the correct exam paper
  • complete all your details on the front of the question paper or answer booklet
  • read all instructions and listen carefully for any announcements
  • if you feel unwell, tell the Invigilator
  • stay in the room until the exam is finished or until you are released by the invigilator