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P4/5 were set a ‘Christmas Homework

Challenge’ by Miss MacDonald. Pupils applied for jobs or baked some Christmas treats!

Below is a job application from Elfreda “The Elf” Corner and her reply from

Santa also  compiled by Elfreda.


Dear Santa

I would like to apply for the job of helping Elves at Christmas. My name is Elf so I would fit in perfectly. I know Christmas very well because I was born in the month of Christmas.

When I work, I will wear my Elfie cool jumper. My jumper has a picture of an Elf. When I wrap the presents, I will do it very fast and neatly but I do get a bit tangled with the sellotape. I will put bows on the presents and make them look nice.

I work well with others especially fellow Elves, and I enjoy working with animals. I will look after your reindeer and feed them every day.

I would really like the job as I would keep the Christmas Spirit alive.

Yours sincerely

Elf Corner

Miss Elfreda “The Elf” Corner


Dear Elfreda "The Elf" Corner

I have read your application and I think you are Elf material so I would love for you to work in the workshop. You will have to design and build toys for all the good boys and girls around the world.

You will have to wrap the presents very neatly and give them to all the boys and girls. Every year you will start on the first of December and you will be staying in room 9 in the North Pole Elf hotel.

Once you have wrapped the presents you will put them in my sleigh ready for me to deliver.

Training will be given when you arrive on 1st December and please remember to wear your cool Elf jumper.

Yours sincerely


Santa Claus

Santa Claus