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Moffat Academy - Secondary Digital Learning Support

Please use this form to contact Moffat Academy if you or your child are experiencing any issues with accessing any digital learning - Glow/Show My homework/Teams etc. The form can be used by you - as parent/carer - or a pupil directly. The form can be completed at any point during the current lockdown period and a member will be in touch as soon as possible after submission.


Digital Platform Help Notes

File icon: pdf Learning from a Digital Platform.pdf [pdf 474KB] Click to download


If experiencing issues with Teams then download and install the Teams app instead >>

The app is available on PCs, laptops, phones and tablets. It bypasses the GLOW part of things and connects directly to the Microsoft part of their/your GLOW account.

You will need to remember that your Microsoft username (for an Ms apps such as Teams, Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc) is your GLOW username (example

Microsoft Teams

A helpful document if you have not used Teams before.

File icon: pdf Microsoft-Teams.pdf [pdf 867KB] Click to download