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European Languages Awareness Day 2015

European Languages Awareness Day 2015

A busy day was had by all involved on this year’s European Languages Awareness Day on Friday 25th September.  Events included the S1 selfie competition won by Kirsten McFarlane of 1H, food tasting for S3 pupils, the film showing of ‘The Unbeatables’ at lunchtime for everyone and of course the obligatory quiz which this year focused on very ‘dodgy’ French translations of well know TV show in the UK . S1 pupils also were introduced to basic Spanish by Miss Burns and Gaelic by Mrs Candlish.  As well as these events, PE class all got the chance to try their hand at handball, a sport widely played in the rest of Europe but not so much here in Scotland. Thanks go to Mr Scott for helping out here. Any ideas for next year’s event to Mr Breen.

Quiz winners were as follows

S3 – Rachel Campbell

S4 – Abbie Muirhead

S5 – Natasha Wood

S6 Daniel Seaton

Staff – Mrs Orr ( with a little help from Mr Orr)