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Strathclyde University Trip - Higher Biology, Advanced Higher Biology

At the end of September, Higher Biology and Advanced Higher Biology students had the opportunity to attend an excursion to Strathclyde University to take part in a workshop based on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).


PCR is a technique that is used widely in molecular biology. The process is used to amplify a single sequence of DNA into many more identical copies. PCR can produce millions of copies from one DNA template strand.


During the lab workshop pupils carried out the PCR technique to examine genetic similarities between tissue samples of plants. By extracting DNA from the plant samples and amplifying it using a thermocycler to carry out PCR, the pupils had enough DNA to analyse by means of gel electrophoresis and examine any bands produced.


This excursion to Strathclyde University allowed the students to apply their theoretical knowledge to a practical environment and in addition gave them an opportunity to develop skills which are used during practical lessons at a university level.