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Cross Country Running

Taking place from the Christmas holidays until the February mid-term, we will be participating in cross country running as part of the PE programme with all S1 and S2 pupils. 

This will involve the pupils running outdoors, sometimes in poor weather conditions. Pupils should therefore bring (old) trainers, preferably with a good grip.  It is advised that pupils wear gloves and a thin hat as well as base layers and tracksuits.  A heavy jacket is not advised as that would impair their running ability.  We will be going outside to run as much as possible so it is important that all pupils are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. 

Last year most pupils really enjoyed this physical challenge and tried to beat their previous times but some pupils can be less enthusiastic and need to be encouraged. The challenge is more about pupils competing against themselves so any encouragement from home in these circumstances would be greatly appreciated. 

If any pupil is not participating due to injury or illness then they will still be required to go outside with the rest of the class and therefore should bring suitable clothing for outdoors, such as jackets, hats, gloves. 

A regional cross country competition will take place in Kirroughtree Forest on Thursday 14th February 2018 for the pupils who are particularly enthusiastic about cross country running.