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YPI Final @  Moffat Academy.

This school year almost all S2 pupils participated in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI Scotland).  YPI is an international initiative designed to support young people in developing community awareness.  The young people involved are taught about philanthropy and charity through an experience of giving that highlights the positive impact they can have on their community. 

The young people were asked to work in teams to research the needs of their community and identify a local charity that they believed  is best placed to make a positive change.  Teams ranged in size from 2 - 8 and started off in different direction but every team was clear that they were hoping to win £3000 for their chosen charity.  Young people were asked to meet with their charities, face to face, by telephone or in one case by  Skype! By meeting with the charity, the young people developed a real understanding of some of the challenges facing the community and have been inspired to work to change society for the better. 

The final – 26th January 2018

The final was a fantastic event and showcased 9 D&G charities and the young people of Moffat Academy.  The charities involved were:

· Bankfoot Nursing Home, Moffat

· Moffat Mountain Rescue

· Dumfries Young Carers 

· Moffat Youth Theatre

· Moffat First Responders

· Fischy Music

· Talking Newspaper

· Soul Soup

· Dalbeattie Playgroup

The winners of the Moffat Academy YPI final for 2018 were MOFFAT FIRST RESPONDERS and the team were George Duerden, Ava Hume, Zac Armstrong, Lochy Jackson, Brandon Smith and Star Gough.

For some of the young people  the final was a relief and  for others it was an end to what has been an amazing experience.  Most importantly, for all involved with YPI it has been an experience that will remain with them and something that they will be able to talk about for many years to come.