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Loch Eil

Arriving at Loch Eil  in glorious sunshine, we started the team building challenges with enthusiasm. Voluntarily jumping into the cold waters of the loch in a leap of faith was not something we had anticipated, but thank goodness the weather was in our favour. The next few days were filled with many exciting challenges that tested our limits and brought us closer together as a group. The zip wire, Jacob’s ladder, crate conundrum and abseiling had us all working together to formulate plans and solve problems. We also learnt essential map and navigation skills through orienteering, which was very useful when we canoed across Loch Eil and climbed up the mountain opposite. These skills were also transferable to when we went on a full day hike around Glen Finnan which proved to be tiring yet incredibly satisfying once completed. The instructors were fun and engaging which greatly contributed to how much we enjoyed out trip. The entire week was full of fantastic experiences that helped us work as a team and achieve personal goals, I know without a doubt that we’d all go back if we could and sill have just as much fun as we did on this trip.

P.s. Even Mr Wrightson and Mr Drummond were awarded the Outward Bound certificate in addition to our entire group due to their active engagement with the team

Isabelle Hume S3.